September 16, 2013

Survival Links

Ah, Fall. Colours begin to deepen, the morning air begins to bite, students are back on campus (yay!) and I've revived my blog. I've decided that taking on more freelance clients means that I should (and will) be revamping my blog/website, so please hold steadfast, my few readers, as I will be busy working behind the scenes to came up with wonderful new content for you all.

In the mean time, I thought I would post some great resources for students, including grammar-focused blogs (did that hyphen need to be there? I'm not sure. Look it up for me), PR/AD focused blogs, and "give me a laugh or I will die of excessive working in this claustrophobic edit suite" blogs.

For jobs:,,

For grammar/school:,

For professional development:,
For fun:, 

For CreComms: 

For grammar "fun": 



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