April 29, 2013

One Step Closer

These past few months have been challenging, both personally and professionally.

"Challenging," is just how I like it.

At the risk of sounding like a complete dodo-head, I truly thrive on throwing myself into new challenges to sit back and watch how I come out of them. I'm extremely goal-oriented, and I love the opportunity to learn more about myself and grow both as a person and as a professional.

As I detailed in a January post, I decided to take a lesser travelled route by re-working my degree at the last minute and ditching my social sciences major for the newly created Bachelor's of Communications & Media. Is it a bit futile, since I also have a diploma in Creative Communications & 4+ years of communications experience? Maybe. But the opportunity to get the distinction of studying in communications & media in my undergrad degree was too tempting. (What can I say, I'm a resume hoarder!!)

It did involve a few challenges. I had to take extra theology courses- despite having TOO MANY credit hours in other studies. (Ah, the joys of dealing with your indecisive past self!!) I decided to get started and take a graduate level studies class in Preaching. Yes, this non-denominational often semi-religious girl was going to study with extremely talented theology students who are practicing to be preachers.

I'm proud to say that after delivering two 10-minute sermons (on the OT/NT) and attending 3 hour evening classes each Tuesday night, I aced the final exam and ended up with a B+ in the course. More importantly, I received extremely touching feedback from my classmates after giving my sermons, one even sharing that I moved him. After attending my first class, I was scared to death about what I had gotten myself into and the very unfamiliar feeling of being behind the class... I may have indulged in a 30 minute breakdown. After a good talk with the people that support me, I resolved that I would do my best, and let the chips fall where they may. Having gone through this experience and facing a huge fear (public speaking on a subject that I'm NOT an authority on), I have a greater sense of confidence and accomplishment on my ability to adapt, and subsequently, succeed.

I throw this challenge to anyone (is there anyone?) who wants to challenge themselves in 2013. Make a goal, especially if it's not one that seems easy or within your "comfort zone."I guarantee the commitment will payoff and carry not only over to your professional life, but your feeling of wellbeing and self-actualization.

Now "Go Get 'Em, Tigers!"

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