March 8, 2013

Hell on Heels

Last night, I had the honour of being a panelist for a documentary screening that focused on the implications of servers wearing high heels; called "Hell on Heels."

As a former server, I worked in a restaurant that had a mandatory heel height of 1 inch. For a 6 ft tall server, it did not make sense... along with the fact that I've had severe back issues (scoliosis, stress fractures, disc herniation.) I served in this company for 4 years, and found that there was an emphasis placed on the employee's appearance rather than their professionalism or abilities.

The discussion that followed the screening was passionate, welcoming, and inspiring- it was great to see so many voices speak up against the outdated heel height policy. I shared my experience along with my fellow panelists, I invite all of you to watch the trailer of the documentary, and sign the petition.

Let's make a change for the better!

Hell on Heels - Documentary from Aymee Tuck on Vimeo.

1 comment:

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