September 11, 2012

Are you a "life-learner?"

In the last week of August, my cousin Holly Beraro entered the Creative Communications program at Red River College. As an 18 year-old applicant, I was initially skeptical of the likelihood of her acceptance. Despite being an excellent student, scholarship recipient and all around "good kid," life experience goes a long away in the admissions process, for good reason. I gently prepared Holly for the possibility of rejection, at which point she called me crying, leaving me a heartbreaking voicemail that "she got in."

Well, shows what I know! (Just kidding, I knew she would.)

I digress. As a life learner of the public relations industry, I have an appetite for new experiences. Not having the opportunity to surround myself with fellow students in the CreComm program any longer, I have sought out other ways to find daily inspiration. Being around other creative individuals helps you challenge yourself as a communicator, as a professional and most importantly, helps you "self-audit." By this, I mean being able to see your work for what it truly is, and not being blinded by ego.

I encourage all of my fellow PR practitioners to learn more, discover more, and surround yourselves with fellow professionals. We're not perfect professionals upon graduating, and even the most experienced communicators will always be students of the industry. On September 26, the CPRS will be hosting a mixer at the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe for an informal discussion and networking, to which I extend you, the reader, an invitation for some creative inspiration.

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