July 14, 2012

Social media and your job search: hurting you or helping?

Although this may seem like an obvious move for many of us, too often I've looked down my Twitter feed to find first-year communications students, or grads who are currently seeking jobs, making inflammatory remarks in 140 characters or less. As Twitter is a much more public media platform than say a personal Facebook page, I have to give my head a shake.

After reading a blog post on my mentor's page (Lockstep on PR), I've decided to add my two cents. 

Senator Patrick Brazeau, offending political reporter Jennifer Ditchburn
Whether you're currently looking for a job, or are in school- you need to remember that what you say on social media will never "truly" disappear. Even if your current employer appreciates your "creative flair" for words and humour- potential employers may not know this, and it alienates others when they think they could be your next target.

Twitter is a medium for professional two-way communication. Does this mean you need to censor yourself completely? No. Put yourself in the position of a potential employer, current boss or colleague (who may one day be your boss!) Are you in danger of offending someone or leading one of those aforementioned persons to believe you may be incapable of leading a team, or thriving under a promotion?

Finally, when all common sense fails you, remember this. Say it, forget it. Write it, regret it.

Happy tweeting everyone!

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