July 25, 2012

Media features!

In my job, I act as the media relations coordinator and spokesperson (on non-crisis communications issues). This of course allows me the opportunity to hone my public speaking skills, and "on the fly" live television prowess.

Today I coordinated the Community Spotlight segment Breakfast Television graciously offered to us, in  which we were the feature of their show- live in studio, as well as live at the shelter. What this involves planning includes: coordinating the guests, arranging spot times and coordinating the schedule with BT producers, choosing animals who seem well-mannered and need promotion, pulling WHS information for the hosts to chat about, oversee interviews for the pre-produced segments (and find interviewees for the reporters!) provide backgrounders on the guests, and come up with supplementary information in case something falls through.

My day started bright and early at 5 a.m. at the shelter, and I have to say, it's completely exhilarating. I personally love the excitement of live television, the friendly banter and unexpectedness of having an animal featured in our segments. Despite having my microphone fall apart in the beginning of our last segment, the morning went off extremely well and the awareness The WHS was able to receive is immeasurable (in a good way).

Here are a few of the segments from this morning, featuring myself and other WHS managers.

WHS's SNAP program

Foster, Biscuit and the Black Dog Club

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