May 9, 2012

Taking the Challenge

Yes, I know. I've committed blog suicide. I haven't posted in two months, blablabla. The truth is, I've been EXTREMELY (dizzingly, ecstatically) busy! The things that have been keepng me busy will be for another blog post, as today's is dedicated to a new goal of mine.

Mackenzie & Mary Langhan 

The Langhan Family
I’m taking the Challenge – CancerCare Manitoba's 2012 Challenge for Life.
In May 2011, my boyfriend (James Langhan) lost his mother, Mary Langhan to a long battle with Cancer.

I saw first hand the effects Cancer has on a family, an amazing family who deserved more time with
an awe-inspiring mother, wife, and grandmother. Mary met her first grandson Oliver before she passed,
and was able to spend time with her granddaughter Mackenzie in her last days (pictured above).

Mary was an extremely strong, caring, gentle and selfless woman- who made me feel a part of the
family at our first meeting. As a retired nurse, she would instinctively take care of everyone but
herself- making popcorn for us when we James and I watched a movie, cooking my favourite dish for
dinner, etc. She would be the first to ask how you were doing- and was genuinely interested in my
school projects, career developments and activities.

I was in the running for a "best DJ in Winnipeg" contest that had a voting element to it, and
Mary powered up the computer, went to the website, and voted for me- then decided to add her
picks for favourite nightclub (Whiskey Dix). I joked that as soon as I got a gig there I would
dedicate it to her. She did this not because I asked, but because she truly cared about what I
was doing and wanted to help in anyway she could.

I'm walking in support of Mary Langhan and the Langhan family, to try and prevent others from
having to go through this terrible tragedy. She will be forever missed and in our hearts. This is
my wish and tribute.

About: CancerCare Manitoba is the provincially mandated cancer agency for all of Manitoba, charged with the responsibility for cancer prevention, detection, treatment, research and education. CancerCare Manitoba is dedicated to excellence in cancer care, to enhancing the quality of life for those diagnosed and living with cancer and blood disorders and to improving the control of cancer for all Manitobans.

To donate, please visit my walker page here:

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