February 3, 2012

Tip of the hat, wag of the finger.

This blog post involves calling some peeps (yes, I said peeps) out, to both commend and reprimand two separate organizations that I've had experiences with lately.

Let's start with the bad PR, since it's more recent. What some organizations or companies fail to realize is that customer service is a part of public relations, as, (you guessed it!) you're relating to your public through servicing, or failing to service them. On December 16 my car was broken into in my underground parking lot, which is protected by security cameras and locked doors. As the blog says, I live downtown, so some crime and shenanigans are expected, however I always felt good knowing that if anything happened I could have a record of it on camera.

I discussed with the property management liaison (who is on the Board of Directors) about getting the tapes the day after I realized what had happened, and after sending various emails I realized I would need to speak to my property management group directly. O.K., fine, no big deal... I'm a girl that can get things done. Well, It's now February and after over 20 (!) emails, and four un-returned phone calls, I have yet to see any tapes, and any effort to get them. I was told by my property manager that she had told me she would get back to me after the holidays (she didn't tell me, nor did she get back to me) and then when she did go on holidays, she didn't advise me of it and didn't turn my case over to anyone else. When I called the VP of the company to express my concern at the lack of urgency on what I considered to be a security issue, I received an email back saying I would get my information quickly. Needless to say this hasn't happened, and even tyring to schedule a meeting with my property manager through her assistant has been avoided, with, you guessed again, an un-returned phone call.

At this point, my perception of  Stevenson Management Group (oops, did I name names?!) is that there is a complete lack of structure, professionalism, and concern for security. My car window was smashed, and parks among all the Audis and BMWs and Mercedes of the people that reside in my building (mine is none of those brands). There has been no advisement to the tenants of a security breach, though many have inquired with me as to whether it happened in the garage... at which point they get the full story, along with my discontent... to which they sympathize.

Besides venting, I will no longer take any action regarding trying to get an answer. However, I will say (with a chip on my shoulder) that to snub a PR girl means anonymity is out the window, and I fully invite comments on this story... Do you think they should hire a customer service representative to work with the managers? If so, should there be a PR exec involved? I for one am surprised at how many organizations don't have protocol and policies for interacting with their (sometimes influencing) publics. Unfortunately, at this point they've lost mine and my partner's confidance in their ability to service the building... the broken glass still remains on the garage floor.

Stay tuned for my Tip of the Hat!

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  1. Update: The next day (the quickest reply I've ever received) I was sent a half-hearted apology, with a conclusion that my manager (Patti Berry) wasn't able to see who broke my window, just them exiting and entering. Information I hadn't received until I wrote this post. This clearly doesn't change anything, it wasn't Stevenson's fault that I was vandalized- however it was their decision to show a lack of concern, empathy and urgency in helping a tenant. I stand by my (vigorous) wagging of the finger.