February 11, 2012

Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger (cont.)

Now for the tipping of the hat!

In August 2011 I travelled (drove) to Minneapolis with my boyfriend for a weekend prior to starting my second year of school. We decided to opt out of the Mall of America generic Days Inn hotel experience, and stay at The Grand Minneapolis.

Upon arriving, (after blowing our gas line on the highway and hanging out in a small town repair shop for hours) we were excited to stay in the beautiful downtown hotel in the heart of Minneapolis. The valet, complimentary wine service in the lobby and PETS ALLOWED (gasp!) policy had us spinning once we stepped out of our boiling jalopy and into the air-conditioned hotel.

Unfortunately, our immediate excitement was met with disappointment when my savvy booking skills turned sour as we were transferred from a King to a 2 double bed room, swiftly ending our dreams of romance. The CSR seemed confused as to why we would be upset, and didn't offer any sort of compensation or condolence. Disappointed but not yet deterred, we headed to a Twins game and of course the social media "guru" I claim to be, I tweeted ------------------------------------------------>

We received this reply:

The next day, we went down to the desk to see if there was any possibility of getting upgraded. The manager IMMEDIATELY recognized us, apologized profusely and upgraded us to a corner suite with a massive bathroom ensuite and king size bed. They also took care of our room service, and moved our bags for us. To be perfectly honest, I felt a bit sheepish for "venting" on Twitter, however made the decision to as I would assume that's why Kimpton was on Twitter on the first place- to listen. As you can see from the picture above, they replied quickly, impressive with the amount of hotels and followers. They contacted the hotel and explained the situation to the manager, who communicated effectively with us and went the extra mile.

Although I can't find the Tweet, Kimpton replied with "No problem! Glad we could fix the situation. We'll both be sleeping better tonight!"

Us PR folk know that word of mouth is the BEST form of advertising, and here I am raving about a hotel... because they deserve the recognition. What could have been a sour experience was turned around by a simple reply on Twitter to acknowledge that they would try and rectify the situation, which honestly, would have been enough for me. I like to see organizations using the social media accounts they have rather than simply having them for the sake of looking like they belong in 2012, and so its for this reason that Kimpton Hotels gets my very enthusiastic "Tip of the Hat" acknowledgement!

Some other Kimpton fun facts:

They have a very strong relationship with the LGBT community, opening advertising LBGT friendly amenities and services such as weddings and events. Kimpton also welcomes your four-legged family members, which, if anyone knows me, captures my heart and seals the deal.

*Stevenson Management, take note!

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