January 26, 2012

Is this real life?

So I know my blog post title is one of the most overdone internet jokes around, (if you don't quite get it... google "David after dentist"... you're welcome) however my talents to not lie in naming posts for myself. There is a fine balance between naming your musings as something informative, and falling into narcissism. So, naturally I poke fun and use funny titles everyone can relate to/recognize... and here we are.

But, I digress.

The reason I chose this title, is because quite simply my world has turned topsy turvy in the last week, in the best possible way. As a communications professional you're always looking for that perfect fit for your career, and for me that means working within a team at an organization I care about, specifically a cause I'm passionate about and have a connection with. Over the last year I've realized the importance of this and have actively sought out opportunities with various organizations like: CancerCare Manitoba, Sport Manitoba, and The Winnipeg Humane Society.

When I saw an opportunity with The Winnipeg Humane Society (posted on December 24) I immediately drafted my cover letter, and went in with both feet intending on getting this position (Communications Coordinator). I sent out good vibes into the universe and excitedly went over the possibility of getting the opportunity with my family, friends and perhaps anyone who would listen. After a phone interview, an in-person interview, and a reference check I met with the CEO and Director of Communications to find out my persistence had paid off.

To say I'm excited is an understatement, as is saying I'm interested to see what the next few weeks bring. As per usual, I've made things difficult on myself by going after my dreams and deviating from the pack, so I will also be completing the last semester of my Creative Communications program while in school. Crazy? Maybe. Possible, yes. I have a plethora of supportive instructors who are excited for me and confident in my capabilities, and I also have an amazingly supportive boyfriend who is used to my "take on the world" attitude... and has learned to go along with my plans and possibly shake his head a few times in the process.

What I do know is that I believe I'm the best possible candidate for the job, and am extremely excited to be working with the organization.  I urge my fellow classmates to take chances and go after what you want when the opportunities arise, versus following "the plan" and adhering to good timing... If you see something you want, but it may not be "perfect" at that time, do it anyway. Success has never come easy to anyone, and contrary to what many preach, opportunities don't wait for good timing or wait on your schedule. *Of course, if we're talking PR strategies, ignore everything I just said*

Here's to making yourselves uncomfortable and going after your dreams in 2012. I wish everyone the best, and continue to look at my blog for PR musings from a downtown gal.

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