January 6, 2012

Business Cards! Edition #2

Hallelujah the business card gods have shone down upon me!

That is, my business cards have arrived from Vantage Studios. Thick, silk cut with a shine finish on my name, they are beautiful.

After agonizing over all the possible creative designs, I decided to stay true to my roots and pull most of the creativity from a great serif font, married with a sans serif font for all of my contact information. I felt this was the best way to ensure I would be comfortable giving the card to professionals, creative types, and potential employers in both the for-profit and not for profit sectors. Finally, I think it reflects my style. Although I admire those who have a strong personal style, I'm a pretty neutral kind of girl, black being my favourite staple. I love clean lines and modern aesthetic, both of which I think I accomplished in my petit design here.

The colours are a bit instagram-y (aka, off white) as they were taken through that App on my phone, however if we come in contact, believe you me I'll have some in tow and would love to exchange information! (And show that the white is a very white-white)

Happy Friday everyone!

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