December 29, 2011

Pink Ponies- A case study

As a communications professional, I have written countless SWOT Analysis, communications strategies,  event proposals, run sheets, critical paths and rationales.

For someone who is not in the communications field, this jargon usually doesn't mean much- and the question of: "what do you do?" still remains unanswered if I reply with any of the aforementioned words.

Although this video is clearly meant as a satirical take on what an advertising agency does, it really is a clear way to explain "what I do" and how communications professionals & students think.

Lastly, my evaluation of the video. I think the pony should have been presented with a pink bow to keep consistent with the colour palette of the party- however I thought it was smart to keep the main attraction gender neutral for both sexes attending the party... (Ha, ha)

Finally.... did anyone else desperately feel the need to see the run sheet???  

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