October 7, 2011

You have an audience, you just don't know it yet

In PR, nearly every decision made on who what where when and why happens after researching your audiences and figuring out who your primary and secondary audiences are. Even if you think you, yourself or your company do not have any audiences, think again.

When you're a small business, you want to grow, right? Well, to do this you need to generate business, and therefore get attention from (gasp) your primary audience. Many people think that large companies like say, McDonald's, targets EVERYONE. In the general sense, of course they want everyone to eat there. However when creating a communications strategy for launching an advertising or promotions campaign, they definitely have a target audience. For instance, in their latest campaign they focused on breakfast items, featuring professionals waiting for the bus, sitting at their desks, walking to work or eating at McDonald's. Their intention is to drive breakfast item sales to professionals or adults that have jobs in offices. By showing images of professionals eating the breakfast menu items, they're making the job easy to have someone imagine themselves in that position, finishing with the promise "Breakfast at McDonald's makes your morning better."

In this case, McDonald's campaign had a clearly defined audience they wanted to appeal to, however their secondary audience could be people who love McDonald's and are interested in addition of items or changes to the menu.

I challenge you to look at creatives and try and imagine who they are trying to target with what they are saying. Does it appeal to you? Do you think it's meant for your mom? What is the company trying to achieve by creating this ad/contest/campaign?

Your welcome for now ruining all watching of T.V. commercials!

(Welcome to the world of strategic thinking)

Hannah Rose

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  1. On the bright side, you might actually be giving your readers a reason to be interested in TV commercials! :)