October 25, 2011

Become an intern queen

Want to make the most of your college/university experience, but also want to travel? Well if your program is anything like mine and offers work placements, I have a site you NEED to check out. The Intern Queen, aka Lauren Berger, is the CEO of Intern Queen Inc, and was named number 5 on Business Week's top 25 under 25. While completing her degree in Organizational Business at the University of Central Florida, Lauren participated in 15 (!) internships at her dream companies like Fox and Warner Bros, then subsequently started her own.

The site has amazing postings for internships (mostly) in the U.S., however they are reasonable with the hourly commitment so if you need to do freelance work to subsedize traveling, you're able to do so. I have a colleague who is going to Big White to do her first work placement, and possibly California to do her second.... opportunities are endless for students, you just need to have a positive attitude (like hers) and not be afraid of rejection!!! Of course, a killer resume helps.

Now get going!


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