September 9, 2011

Best, all-time, most useful App. (To me)

Welcome to Natterchat!

As my first official blog post, I'm going to let you all in on a little secret.


Okay, it's not a secret, unless you've been living under an anti-social-media rock, but I wanted to share some of its' delightful features and usefulness I've discovered while traveling.
On a recent trip to Minneapolis (August 23-26) my boyfriend James and I decided to go the anti-Mall of America, typical trip to Minneapolis, route and stay downtown to explore some of the true Minneapolis culture.

What we discovered was how to eat Minneapolis, using Urbanspoon. For those readers out there who truly don't know what it is, Urbanspoon is a foodie app designed to give you recommendations on restaurants based on your budget, preferred genre, and location. It will pick up on the GPS of where you are, or if you're GOING somewhere you're able to lock in the area of town you want to dine in. For us, the most useful part was being able to preview what kind of expense we would be dishing out when walking into some of the local recommendations, and find exact addresses to plug into our GPS system, extremely valuable when you're springing $30 a night for valet and would prefer to just walk a few blocks without getting lost.

If you want to have a laissez-faire attitude about where you want to eat, you can lock in one of your preferences (ie, budget or indonesian) and give your phone a shake, upon where the app will generate a random recommendation for you. The three places we used Urbanspoon to direct us to were:

1) Fogo de Chao ($$$, Brazillian, 6th street Minneapolis) *Top five restaurants in Minneapolis*
2) Rare, ($$, Sushi and Steak, 2nd street Minneapolis) * BEST happy hour appetizer menu out there!!*
3) Ike's Diner ($, Breakfast/diner/american, 7th street Minneapolis) *They give you an all you can eat CINNAMON bun as an appetizer. Seriously.

So there you go! Download the FREE Urbanspoon App for your next vacay/road trip, you won't regret it. 

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  1. I wonder how much the travel guide book industry is enjoying apps like this one?!