September 23, 2011

Attitude Counts (for Freelancers especially!)

When working for yourself and being the provider for your well-being, stress and frustration is bound to occur. There are times when clients don't adhere to the deadlines you've set out, fail to show up to meetings, fail to give compensation on time, or complain and change the vision of the project you have both clearly outlined at it's inception.

Consequently, there are amazing positives for being a freelancer. Consulting on major projects, being in charge of your own destiny and career advancement, networking, fun and exciting opportunities that wouldn't normally arise in a conventional position within a large company.... and of course, being able to organize yourself and work projects in a way that benefits your schedule.

In my opinion, freelancing is one of the most beneficial career paths a student or newly graduated individual can take. Pushing ones self to network and self-promote builds a thick skin and social skills that are invaluable in my industry, blatantly asking for meetings or offering your services opens doors that normally wouldn't open themselves. This of course, comes with a positive attitude and a confident one that is projected on to your potential clients and gives them confidence in your abilities.

Here is a great post on having a good attitude as a freelancer and some points on how to accomplish this,  posted by Melanie Lee Lockhart on Twitter- from the Freelancer Folder written by Laura Spencer 

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